[English] [x80|Event] (RVR-SPECIAL) Catacombs of oblivion

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(RVR-SPECIAL) Catacombs of oblivion


There is an ancient legend about a frightning monster living in the depths of the catacombs. Its greedy eyes shine with fire and out of its grinning mouth leaks toxic saliva that drops on forlorn treasure hunters' heads. The catacombs are indeed filled with myriad of treasures and magical artefacts but the mysterious creature casts a spell of oblivion on unexpected guests making them wander eternally along the endless tunnels somehow fighting off drakans. But what if it's not just a legend? Are you, Daeva, ready to risk your life for a chance of becoming a hero?

Event description:

Players will spawn in Silentera Canyon. They will have 3 minutes to get prepared. Then the troops of Prektraz will arrive. They will keep the location of their boss hidden at all costs. Players will have 10 minutes to defeat drakan troops. Killing all (25) drakans will unlock their boss's location. If players don't kill all drakans within 10 minutes, new troops will arrive.

Event specialties:

1. Anti-AFK system is enabled for DD and Support players;
2. The group/alliance leader-binding system is enabled.


1. Players will get 25 GP for killing drakans;
2. Players will get GP, toll, arcade token and tempering solution for killing the boss;
3. The boss will drop 5 random chests (with Beritra's, Antriksha's or Kunax's gear).

P.s. This new type of event was launched in test mode, therefore some changes might be made without preventing players. ;)

Thanks for H.Q.'s and Miate's help :)

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