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[English] Opening of x1 patch 4.8!

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Dear players! The х1 server (ex-Final) has been updated to patch 4.8!

The launcher will be ready in a couple of days, until then you can log in using these files.

You have to place these files into the root folder of our client.

The prefix "_х1" has been added to all "Final" usernames. I.e. if you had an account on "Final" and your username was "primer", then, in order to log in, you will now have to enter "_x1primer" as your username.
All your "AF" have been converted into our tolls with an exachange rate of 1 to 10. I.e. if you had 10 AF before, you will now have 100 tolls.
The in-game shop will be experiencing some disruptions due to the configuration of website functions for the х1 server (VIP-account configuration, player rankings and so on).
The old website is now offline. Any action involving your account can now be made on our website. The old forum will remain online for some time (about 1-2 months) and then will retire as well. 
We wish you a pleasant game and thank you for being with us!
Answers to questions:
1) In order to properly login into your account without having any issues (like having a blocked or an empty account), you have to add "_x1" before your username. If your username was "qwerty", it will be "_x1qwerty" from now on.

2) For those of you who can't take items from your pets, whose characters are stuck in textures, whose manastones disappeared, who can't wear their gear - simply make a charcter relog once, twice, more times if needed. Everything will return to normal. 
The problem with items stored in account warehouses will be solved tomorrow.

3) The launcher will be ready in a few days. Until then you can enter the game through the .bat file. 
You have to download the files shared in the link at the top and place all three files into the Aion Cataclysm client folder!!!

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