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  1. Dear players, It is no secret that our project is currently one of the best in Runet. We decided that we will not rest on our laurels and that we are ready to move to the next, international level! To do so, we will need your precious help! For a few years now you have been supporting our project with votes on websites such as aion-info and mmotop. Let's add an international top to that list, get the highest rank and attract new players from all over the world who will help us expand our international community! To vote on this top, you simply have to go to this link, click on "rating" next to our server () and rate our project. Let's show the world AionCataclysm!
  2. Дорогие друзья! Ни для кого не секрет, что наш проект является одним из лучших на просторах рунета. Мы решили, что не стоит останавливаться на достигнутом и что нам пора выходить на новый, международный уровень! Для этого нам прежде всего нужна именно ваша помощь, дорогие игроки. Вот уже несколько лет вы стабильно поддерживаете репутацию проекта с помощью голосования на таких сайтах, как aion-top и mmotop. Давайте добавим к этому списку международный топ, возглавим его и привлечем новых игроков со всех концов мира! Для голосования вам достаточно пройти по ссылке, нажать напротив нашего сервера на "rating" () и выставить оценку. Пусть об AionCataclysm узнают все!
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  4. А теперь объясните мне, где связь? Игроку ответили, что 3-е точки падают с фиол шмота на офе. Всё. Вы же начали писать о шансе и пытаетесь оба доказать, что пруф ни о чем. Конечно он будет для вас ни о чем, если вы даже не понимаете к чему именно этот пруф относится. Где логика-то, ну(
  5. 1. Твердый 2. 240 минут 3. https://gyazo.com/64285953bb64f3bd73a9c64c5d65f151
  6. AionCataclysm is a group of servers that includes a classic low-rate x1, a unique x5 that combines PvP and PvE in a perfectly balanced way, and a stormy x80 for those who like breathtaking battles. In order to play on our server you will have to complete following steps: 1. Create an account. 2. Download our 4.8 client: 3. Download the launcher: 4. Extract the files into the client folder. 5. Run the launcher (AionCataclysm.exe for x80, AionCataclysm_x5.exe for x5 and AionCataclysm_x1.exe for x1). Enter your username and password (see step 1) and follow the instructions. Patch version All our servers are updated to patch 4.8 "Upheaval". Technical information The physical servers are based in France, in currently one of the best data centers of Europe. Protection against third-party software As protection against third-party software we use ActiveAnticheat that is known to be the best anti-cheat software across all Aion communities. ActiveAnticheat is the most effective protection against any third-party software. In-game configuration It has long been known that we develop our own auto-events which have conquered many Aion servers. We have implemented about 70 different auto-events aside from events held by our Game Masters. On the x80 server you will find TvT events such as FFA ("free for all"), RvR ("race vs race") and Mix Figth (3 vs 3 or 6 vs 6). Each server has an in-game shop; it counts over 5000 items on x80 and about 1300 items on x5 (there aren't any balance-affecting items in the x5 shop). Abyss ranks are based on Glory Points on all servers. Voting system As any other Aion project, AionCataclysm gets support from players through votes on different websites like MMOTOP.ru and Aion-top.info. You will receive 10 Tolls for each vote, which means you can earn 20 Tolls a day if you vote on both sites. SMS-votes on MMOTOP are rewarded with 20 Tolls. You can find more information about how to vote here. Vip and Premium You can upgrade your account to VIP or Premium status. VIP and Premium players can enjoy higher rates and (for x80 only): receive 2 additional Tolls for staying online and get a random medal for every 5 kills. In order to upgrade your account you have to go to our website, log into your account, go to the "VIP account" page, choose the status you wish to upgrade to and confirm it (and relog into the game in case you are online while upgrading). Once your VIP or Premium status is activated, two crystals will appear next to your character's nickname. (Blue = Premium, Pink = VIP). English Patch Our client's language is Russian but if you wish, you can use this file to translate it into English. Useful links Sieges schedule Rift schedule (x5) Player commands AionCataclysm team Voting on MMOTOP & Aion-top
  7. Voting on Aion-top.info 1) Go to the Aion-top website by clicking on its icon on our website 2) Create an account on Aion-top or log in if you already have one (if you are already logged in when doing step 1, you can directly go to step 5): 2.a) Create an account 2.b ) Login 3) Choose AionCataclysm 4) Click on "Голосовать" 5) Enter your Aion Cataclysm's account login (NOT your character's nickname), check the box (you might have to prove that you are human) and click on "Проголосовать" (If you did everything right, you will see a green message appear in the upper-right corner) 6) Go to "Vote bonus" on our website 7) Select the server you wish to get tolls on and click on "Get reward"
  8. Voting on Mmotop.ru 1) Go to the Mmotop website by clicking on its icon on our website 2) Create an account on Mmotop or log in if you already have one: 2.a) Create an account 2.b ) Login 3) Click on "Голосовать" 4) Slide the button to the right side 5) Enter your Aion Cataclysm's account login (NOT your character's nickname), choose the server you're voting for (x1, x5 or x80) and click on "ПРОГОЛОСОВАТЬ" (If you did everything right you will see a blue message appear in the upper-right corner) 6) Go to "Vote bonus" on our website 7) Select the server you wish to get tolls on and click on "Get reward" Note: it might take up to 2 hours for mmotop to process your vote. Therefore, you might not be able to get the reward on our website immediately after voting.
  9. 1. iFeelmyskill 2. 60 минут 3. https://gyazo.com/f8ab756a39a407d1424f7fced160cb81
  10. 1. ZnRZlO 2. 60 минут 3. https://gyazo.com/f5ba3fb6320d43a526f7a994178a9414
  11. Dear players, today Active Anticheat was reactivated. You have to enter the game through our launcher as before. You can download it here in case you had deleted it.
  12. 1. Sonima 2. 60 минут 3. https://gyazo.com/92bc08e4a033a44382d27785b14ddf2f
  13. 1. OxEpta 2. 60 минут 3. https://gyazo.com/013fc5ec1cf2f4bf50543cfc52cb24b1